All you need is love… and flowers!

When blush, pillowy white and bright yellow narcissi arise in the spring, oftentimes as fresh snow falls, the promise of new beginnings is assured. At Bluebird Blooms, we follow the ebbs and flows of the flower season and partner with Mother Nature to grow gorgeous blooms reflective of Michigan’s seasons. The “we” is primarily Sharon Martin Kegerreis, a longtime flower grower in Chelsea, Michigan.

Sharon uses sustainable practices in her gardens on her 4.75-acre homestead, applying organic and OMRI-approved soil additions, as well as homemade compost from spent flowers, kitchen scraps, leaves and manure (thanks to FWCs — friends with chickens).

Blooming beauties include anemone, Bells of Ireland, celosia, cosmo, dahlia, lisianthus, peony, snapdragon, sunflower and zinnia. If bunnies are outwitted for the season, there may even be some beautiful spring tulips. Bouquets often feature fresh herb accents, such as basil, lavender, oregano and sage and foliage from specialty annuals, seasoned perennials and foraged meadow flora.