Garlic & Roses

Now tucked away in the cozy earth are 10 garlic cloves by my new roses. Another 10 cloves are in my raised garden bed. Next spring, I can look forward to scooping up whole garlic bulbs for soups, sauces and virtually anything I’m cooking. While hubby is not a fan of garlic wafting in the kitchen, it just cannot be helped. I feel it is essential to many homemade meals.

Though sometimes not welcome in the home, garlic is a friend to many in the garden. Roses especially appreciate the strong, odorous protector that helps keep pests away. Besides garlic, I installed wire fencing as another defense strategy.  I adore bunnies in the yard. Even so, I do not want them eating my roses, nor do I want other animals and pests digging in — I’m looking at you chipmunk.

My newly planted rose plants honor my dad, who recently passed away. I have not felt up to writing about the loss yet, but am sure to share thoughts on my dad’s absence from my life and the many fond memories in future posts. Meanwhile, my roses and garlic are paired up and ready to hunker down this winter.

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