The Eastern Bluebird is a symbol of happiness and prosperity. My favorite bird, it feels just right for the renaming of my business from Cheerful Nature to Bluebird Blooms. My dream of opening a flower bouquet business was realized after my dad passed away in 2018. Dad loved birds and gave me my first bird feeder. Vivid childhood memories entail bird watching in northern Michigan.

Years ago, a neighbor used our yard as a cut-through to his new property where he was building a home. He gifted us with two bluebird houses after the construction was complete. Each spring, the bluebirds flit in and out of those houses as a harbinger of spring. The birds also often laze away the morning on our deck railing. The sight always makes me happy; their contentedness an immediate calming effect.

The bluebirds of my logo reflect love, friendship and collaboration.