My story

Welcome! My name is Sharon (Martin) Kegerreis. I am a nature girl who is always dreaming of my next adventure. Raised in northern Michigan, my love of nature was sparked along the shores of Lake Charlevoix and Lake Michigan and the banks of Stover Creek. The scent of fresh-snipped roses in the spring was commonplace along with cherry picking in nearby orchards and fresh apples from the old backyard tree.

After earning my college degree, I moved west and lived in Colorado and California before returning to my home state. A 14-year corporate career in marketing and public relations was accented by the co-authoring of two books on Michigan wine and a solo book on Michigan apples.

For more than 17 years, my family and I have resided in Chelsea. Over the years, our 4.75 acres of meadow and woody bounty enticed me to play around with wild flora and gardening of edibles and flowers. My dream of a flower stand was sparked early on, though the dream was always put off due to the logistics of a private, dirt road without traffic.

After the sudden passing of my father in the fall 2018, I expanded my rose garden as a memorial to my dad. While toiling in the soil and planting dad’s favorite rose, Our Lady of Guadalupe, I knew it was time to pursue my dream of selling my garden-grown flowers. 

Bluebird Blooms* was launched to spread cheer with flowers from seed and perennials and meadow-foraged flora that bloom late April through October.

From the start, I have offered free bouquets for mental health wellness for school-age children in Chelsea who want to cheer up a friend. Now, I am also offering free bouquets for teachers and healthcare workers during the pandemic.

Besides creating and gardening, I love spending time in nature and love to hike, travel, do yoga and, new for 2020, Qigong. And, of course, I am planning the next adventure. (*Bluebird Blooms was first launched as Cheerful Nature Bouquets.)